Have you been using home remedies to get rid of tooth decay for quite a while now?

And sometimes the sharp shooting pain can become too hard to handle…so how do you permanently treat it?

Remember, it doesn’t occur without a reason. Let’s have a look at the major causes and TREATMENT of toothache due to dental or other physical problems…

Toothache due to bacteria:

It could be due to cavities or inflammation in the pulp of the tooth. Trauma and infection could also be the root cause of toothache.

So, before we head towards the treatment – we must find the root cause of the problem.

Treatment: to treat it due to bacteria and cavities, your dentist may suggest tooth extraction or dental fillings.

Toothache due to gums:

It is not necessary that teeth are the cause behind the toothache; sometimes, it could be the gums too!

If you are suffering from any kind of gum disease, then you might notice tooth sensitivity. This sensitivity can affect your teeth by damaging your gums and exposing the roots.

(If it is not your problem, remember to not brush too hard or it could become your problem too.)

To treat it due to gum disease, a root canal would be a great treatment.

Toothache due to damage:

There is one more reason for toothache which is the damaged tooth.

How does a tooth get damaged?

Don’t tell me you don’t know that cavity or a crack can let bacteria invade the tooth surface and affect the tooth severely. An infection is the cause of damage in the pulp which induces pus. This type of damage is known as an abscessed tooth.

And yet it can cause immense pain and discomfort.

A root canal is an option to treat this here as well. This infiltration of bacteria in the pulp needs to be cleaned!

Toothache due to your wisdom tooth:

Most people tend to ignore the fact that their wisdom teeth can cause severe pain. This type of pain usually occurs in adults.

The only solution for this type of toothache is tooth extraction surgery.

Toothache due to teeth grinding:

We all grind our teeth consciously or unconsciously…but for some people teeth grinding could be a severe problem.

Teeth grinding cannot only cause pain but also damage tooth enamel.

The solution to this type of toothache is really simple: mouthguards! You can get in touch with your dentist in Chula Vista to get a custom-made mouthguard for yourself.

Other reasons for toothache:

Did you think dental problems are always behind this…you are wrong!

Other factors can also cause it. Medical professionals call it “referred pain.”

The reason behind this kind of pain could be severe migraines or sinus problems.

In many cases, TMJ disorder can also cause toothache.

All of these problems have one solution: a professional dentist.

So if you want to do something for your toothache, do something good!

Contact our dentist in Chula Vista now and get an appointment immediately. Our dentist will look for the root cause and then suggest the best treatment for you.