Dental Cleaning

If you are feeling the slightest of discomfort in your mouth, there are chances that bacteria are building up. In such situations, you can get a dental cleaning treatment.

What is a dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning is different from regular cleaning. In regular cleaning, you depend more on brushing and flossing. Deep dental cleaning includes plaque removal, teeth whitening, teeth polish, and root planning.

It is a refreshing and painless experience. In dental cleaning, your dentist removes the plaque building up inside your mouth. It is an intense cleaning of your mouth, and with regular cleaning, you can avoid any dental infection.

A typical deep dental cleaning consists of two key treatments; root planing and dental polish.

What happens if you don’t get your teeth deep cleaned?

The sugary food and caffeinated beverages allow bacteria to invade your mouth. When the bacteria is hardened, tartar is formed. To get rid of the hardened plaque, deep cleaning is essential.

Benefits of dental cleaning

It is an effective treatment and these benefits will prove it.

Prevents tooth disease

Tooth decay eats your natural tooth-like it’s no one’s business. The primary ingredient of tooth decay formation is plaque, if not removed, can lead to tooth disease. To prevent it from happening, you have to brush, floss, and get a deep dental treatment.

Whitens your teeth

So, if you happen to be a tea or coffee lover, there is a possibility that it is taking a toll on your dental shine. Get a deep dental cleaning, which is a great alternative to teeth whitening treatment and relatively cheaper.

Improves your breath

Different bacteria attack your mouth in different ways, some eat your teeth, while others make your breath stink. One of the most prominent benefits of a dental cleaning treatment is freshening your mouth and making it odorless.


You get all these benefits of different treatments in one treatment. It is an affordable alternative to teeth whitening treatment as well. Also, it is a great preventive measurement to save yourself from future treatments and surgeries.

Improves overall health

There are various studies that link dental wellness with physical wellness. By getting proper dental cleanings regularly, you can avoid heart diseases and significantly reduce the chances of heart stroke.

Also, dental cleaning makes you in control of your dental health. You know what’s happening, and you are NOT clueless about your health.

How much does a dental cleaning cost?

The cost of dental cleaning varies due to different factors. For instance, a typical dental cleaning in Chula Vista costs around $70 to $200.

An average patient needs two dental cleaning treatments in a year. X-rays are sometimes performed, and sealants are also recommended to prevent cavities.

To get an appointment with a professional dentist in Chula Vista, you can call us. Our dentists are professionals and experts in dental cleaning treatment. You need this dental treatment to revive and rejuvenate your mental and physical health. Consult with your dentist now and book an appointment now!

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