Dental Fitness

People spend thousands of dollars on physical fitness, which is also important. But, if you ever thought that you need to stick to your physical fitness regime only, think again. Dental fitness is also important, yet often overlooked.

Your teeth are interconnected to your physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, a dental fitness regime could help you take care of the overall self.

Professional dentists have done a great amount of research to develop preventive dentistry. The sole purpose of preventive dentistry is to avoid dental health problems and keep the teeth, gums, jaw in perfect health. You can find a great dental fitness dentist here in California as well.

But, what is the idea of dental fitness?

Dental fitness is the idea of taking proper oral health care to prevent any disease. Dental fitness reduces the chances of heart strokes and is considered to be an essential practice before cardiac surgery.

Your dentist will create a dental fitness regime to swear by. You can also get plans for kids and teenagers.

What does a dental fitness plan consist of?

Your dentist will create a plan with these five conditions.

Daily practice is the best practice:

Brushing and flossing daily is a no-brainer. This is essential to remove any food residue stuck in between your teeth. A practice everyone should religiously follow twice a day. Some dentists even suggest brushing teeth after each meal.

Pro Tip: Use a soft brush for better results

Say no to these foods:

You must avoid caffeinated beverages and cigarettes. They do not harm teeth after one or two uses, rather leave an impact gradually. Also, avoid sugary foods and beverages. These foods have bacteria that build up with time and attack tooth enamel. Excessive use of these foods can be detrimental to your oral fitness. Sugar in beverages dissolves minerals and softens the tooth which can result in holes in home cavities.

Be gentle with your teeth:

You should also not apply pressure from your teeth. Also, your teeth are NOT bottle openers or nail trimmers! You should also be careful in the gym or while playing sports, and see if you are putting excess pressure on them. Your teeth are designated for chewing only. One never walks on their hands!

Protect your teeth:

Another important fitness practice, use a mouthguard during sporty events. It will keep them safe from any accident.

Also, stop clenching your teeth knowingly or unknowingly! Yes, it does affect your teeth’ health.

See your dentist:

Lastly, be active! Never miss an appointment with your dentist in Chula Vista. You have to visit your dentist regularly. They will monitor your oral health situation, and guide you further about the dental fitness plan.

To get your own customized dental fitness plan, consult with the experts in the field. Our dentist will monitor your dental health situation and design the best preventive care plan for you or your kid. Call us now to book an appointment with the professionals.

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