Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance for Improved Oral Health

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for a healthy smile, and periodontal maintenance is a key aspect of achieving this goal. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with gum disease or are looking to prevent its onset, our highly skilled Chula Vista, CA dentist, Dr. Nick Addario can help you understand the importance of periodontal maintenance.

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What is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a specialized dental procedure aimed at preventing and treating gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. It involves regular professional cleaning and monitoring to keep your gums healthy and prevent the progression of gum disease.

What Periodontal Maintenance Entails

Periodontal maintenance typically involves a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums, which goes beyond a routine dental cleaning. It includes scaling to remove plaque and tartar buildup above and below the gumline, root planing to smooth the tooth roots and remove bacteria, and sometimes antibiotic treatment to control infection.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance

  • Prevents Gum Disease: Regular maintenance helps prevent the development and progression of gum disease.
  • Preserves Teeth: By addressing gum disease promptly, periodontal maintenance helps preserve your natural teeth.
  • Improves Oral Health: Clean and healthy gums contribute to overall oral health and well-being.
  • Reduces Risk of Systemic Health Issues: Gum disease has been linked to various systemic health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Periodontal maintenance can help reduce this risk.

What Does Periodontal Maintenance Fix?

Periodontal maintenance addresses various issues related to gum disease, including:

  • Gum inflammation (gingivitis)
  • Gum recession
  • Deep periodontal pockets
  • Loose teeth
  • Bone loss around the teeth

Periodontal Maintenance Procedure


Before periodontal maintenance takes place, Dr. Addario will begin by assessing the condition of your gums and measuring the depth of any periodontal pockets. This evaluation helps determine the severity of gum disease and the appropriate treatment approach.


Using specialized instruments, the dental hygienist will perform scaling to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the surfaces of your teeth, both above and below the gumline. This process helps eliminate bacteria and toxins that contribute to gum inflammation and disease.

Root Planing

After scaling, the next step is root planing. This involves smoothing the surfaces of the tooth roots to remove any remaining plaque, tartar, and bacteria. By creating a clean and smooth surface, root planing helps prevent further buildup and encourages the gums to reattach to the teeth.

Antibiotic Treatment

In some cases, your Chula Vista dentist may recommend antibiotic treatment to help control bacterial infection and reduce inflammation. This can be administered in various forms, such as oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics applied directly to the gums, or antibiotic mouth rinses.

Personalized Recommendations

Following the procedure, Dr. Addario will provide personalized recommendations for at-home oral care. This may include instructions on proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as recommendations for oral hygiene products suited to your needs.

Follow-Up Appointments

Periodontal maintenance is an ongoing process, and regular follow-up appointments at Smile Expert are essential for maintaining optimal gum health. Dr. Addario will schedule periodic maintenance visits to monitor your progress, perform additional cleanings if necessary, and make any adjustments to your treatment plan as needed.

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Aftercare

After periodontal maintenance therapy, it’s essential to:

  • Follow proper oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing regularly.
  • Attend scheduled follow-up appointments for ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
  • Notify your dentist if you experience any signs of gum disease recurrence, such as bleeding gums or persistent bad breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I undergo periodontal maintenance?

The frequency of periodontal maintenance appointments varies depending on individual factors such as the severity of gum disease and your overall oral health. However, it’s generally recommended that those dealing with gum disease undergo periodontal maintenance every three to four months. Your dental professional will assess your specific needs and recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule to keep your gums healthy.

Is periodontal maintenance painful?

While some discomfort may be experienced during periodontal maintenance, especially during procedures like scaling and root planing, the use of local anesthesia helps minimize any pain or discomfort. Additionally, advancements in dental technology and techniques have made the procedure more comfortable than ever before. Any post-procedure discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication as recommended by your dental professional.

Can periodontal maintenance reverse gum disease?

While periodontal maintenance cannot reverse advanced stages of gum disease, it can effectively manage and control the condition, preventing further progression and damage. By undergoing regular maintenance appointments and following a diligent oral hygiene routine, you can help stabilize gum disease and preserve your oral health. Early intervention is key to preventing irreversible damage, so it’s essential to seek treatment as soon as signs of gum disease are detected.

Is periodontal maintenance covered by insurance?

Many dental insurance plans provide coverage for periodontal maintenance as a preventive measure to maintain optimal oral health. However, coverage may vary depending on your specific insurance plan and policy. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage details, including any copayments or limitations.

Embrace Periodontal Maintenance for Lifelong Oral Health!

Periodontal maintenance is an essential component of oral health care, offering numerous benefits in preventing and managing gum disease. By committing to regular maintenance appointments and practicing good oral hygiene habits, you can help ensure the long-term health and vitality of your teeth and gums. 

If you have any concerns about your gum health, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with your Chula Vista, CA dentist by calling Smile Expert today at (619) 626-2004.