You were having consistent pain in your teeth, upon checking your teeth…you found that IT IS TOOTH DECAY!

Okay, stop freaking out! Breathe in, breathe out. Now, listen! Tooth decay at its early stage is perfectly curable, even at home.

And, if you are petrified of dental visits and injections, you can try these home remedies which might help in reversing the damage.

Disclaimer: before you read further, you must know that if tooth decay is in its early stage only then these home remedies will work. When the bacteria reaches the dentine, now it’s time for your dentist to handle it.

Remineralize your enamel!

Remineralization of enamel is the process of restoring the damaged tooth enamel by providing essential mineral components.

Clinical trials have shown that sugar-free gums remineralize the tooth enamel.

It contains a special ingredient known as “xylitol,” which plays a vital role in stimulating saliva flow.

It also raises the pH level of plaque which encourages less acid production.

Sugar-free gums also contain a compound known as “casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate” which helps in the reduction of Streptococcus (strep-to-coccus) mutants (a kind of bacteria, round).

Natural remedy:

This home remedy is all about vitamin D which is found in dairy products such as yogurt, and milk. A recent study has shown that Vitamin D can greatly impact the reduction of cavities and tooth decay.

To all the vegan people out there, you can get the needed vitamin D from sunlight…or supplements.

Can you eat a root?

We love nature! It is the best remedy for all health problems. A recent study suggested that Licorice Root contains antibacterial properties which kill the bacteria causing tooth decay.

But, if you cannot eat a raw Licorice Root, you can get some candy or tea containing the root.

The healing plant…

Name any problem an Aloe Vera cannot solve? We cannot think of any…

Aloe Vera is perhaps best known for its healing properties. A recent study in 2011 shows that it helps to remineralize tooth enamel when decay is budding.

And, the antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera combats harmful bacteria in your mouth.

It is one of the best home remedies to prevent tooth decay from reaching dentine.

Let’s try Ayurveda?

We have always heard the phrase “old is gold…” Well, Ayurveda is the best example.

In India, people have been using Ayurvedic medicines for more than 5,000 years. It is treating a disease or health problem from a natural resource. It also focuses on preventing the disease from occurring.

You can try Coconut Oil Pulling. Swish a tablespoon of the oil for 5-10 minutes and spill it out.

A study in 2009 suggested that Sesame Oil Pulling helps in reducing plaque and kills bacteria too.

We do not have solid evidence to claim that oil pulling is genuinely effective. But, there is no harm in trying this remedy at home.

The biggest downfall of home remedies is they work only if the tooth decay is incubating. It is more of preventative care than restorative care.

To know the stage of your tooth decay, you can consult with your dentist in Chula Vista.

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