When people seek any dental treatment, the most common question asked is: “Are there any risks involved in this treatment?”

With implant restoration, the benefits overshadow the risks (we admit there are some). But, these benefits are AMAZING!

In this article, we are going to list the amazing benefits of implant restoration procedures. But, we will also be discussing the risks involved in dental implant procedures and how we can eliminate them to make dental implants procedure safer.

Benefits of Implants Restoration:

Let’s have a look!

A permanent solution to missing teeth!

One of the most significant benefits of dental implants is being a permanent solution to damaged or missing teeth.

A metal root acts as the base, restoring the function of a bone. And, a dental crown is the best possible alternative to a natural tooth.

So, we can conclude that implant restoration is not only a permanent but an effective solution to missing teeth.

Improve your self-esteem and SPEECH!

Did you notice any problems with your speaking ability? Or do you feel shy before flaunting your smile with a missing tooth?

Well, a missing tooth doesn’t make your smile ugly. But, people indeed feel this way. So, to make yourself comfortable, a dental restoration would be a great option.

Implant restoration not only restores your oral health but also boosts your self-confidence. A dental crown would also help you get a full bright smile!

Refines your facial features…

We are aware of the restorative benefits of dental implants. But, could you guess that a dental restoration can also help with your facial adjustments?

Yes, it is true! When you have a missing tooth, your teeth are misplaced. This results in a disturbance in facial nerves and can cause different infections or paralyze them.

When you help your teeth stay in their places, you also help your facial nerve carry blood without distraction. This will help in refining your facial features and enhance it too!

Also, damaged teeth can result in swollen gums…and your face might look swollen too. So, implant restoration comes to the rescue!

Risks of Implant Restoration:

Although the success rate of implant restoration surgery is 95%, we cannot simply put the 5% under the carpet. Let’s have a look at the risks that are involved, and how our professional dentists eliminate them.

Yes, it is a serious matter. And there have been rare circumstances that have provoked infections at the sight of the implant.

There could be TWO reasons behind it, whether the equipment was not properly sanitized before the therapy begins. Or, the expertise of your dentist was not up to the mark.

You can eliminate these risks by heading towards an experienced dentist, who is well-aware of the protocols of implant restoration therapies.

Anesthetic shots…and numbness

The dosage of anesthesia shots depends on your pain tolerance, but the numbness can cause dizziness for a small time. You might also feel slight discomfort around your facial areas.

If you have any prior health condition, you must enlighten your dentist before the procedure begins. 

Restore dental implants in Chula Vista from the best dentist in our clinic. You deserve to be treated with care!