Thirty-two! We would abruptly say this whenever our teachers asked, “how many teeth do humans have?”

We were right…or maybe not!

32 teeth are a myth now. Most people have 28 teeth now.

We have 12 molars, 8 premolars, 4 canines, and 4 incisors in a human’s mouth. Do the math now!

So, what are these 4 extra teeth for?

Well, they are called wisdom teeth.

No, they don’t have anything to do with your wisdom (sometimes dumb people can also have wisdom teeth).

They are basically teeth at the back of your mouth which were used by our ancestors to chew hard and coarse food.

As our diet has become softer, the human body has evolved too.

They erupt when you grow old. One on each side of the jaw (two on the upper jaw, and two on the lower).

Why do we have to remove them?

Nowadays, some people face difficulty with their wisdom tooth’s eruption. It can cause pain and discomfort. And most importantly, cause tooth decay.

Hence, the extraction becomes the only sane option.

What’s the perfect time to remove a wisdom tooth?

Red flag, everyone…lookout for red flags. These signs show that it’s time for a tooth extraction surgery.

Otherwise, live with it.


We love normal things.

So, when your wisdom tooth erupts at an improper position causing problems while brushing teeth, you know it’s time to consult your dentist.

The improper position can block your brush from reaching your back molars. And, where your brush cannot reach, bacteria will. It can cause tooth decay. The purpose of our lives should be “to prevent tooth decay.”

So, now you know why you need to extract a wisdom tooth that is not-so-normal and improperly positioned.

Incomplete eruption…

A wisdom tooth is a whacky tooth. So, we cannot always expect it to be normal.

Sometimes, it only partially erupts. This is a dreadful situation. A partially erupted tooth opens doors for bacteria to enjoy feast inside our gums.

Therefore, if you notice a slightly unusual white teeth-like cap at your mouth’s back…you pick up the phone and call your dentist in Chula Vista.

No space for you buddy…

Never let anyone tell you that wisdom tooth is always the problem…sometimes evolution is.

When we started cutting on raw meat, and coarse food…our body started to change with our lifestyle too. This evolution causes our mouths to become small with time.

Imagine, the capacity of our mouth is 28 teeth…and, wisdom tooth tries to take someplace too. But, due to crowding, other teeth will not allow it to erupt properly.

This phenomenon causes extreme pain and discomfort. So, what do you do?

Get to your dentist and have your wisdom tooth extracted. Because you have no option left. We can not convince other teeth to give wisdom teeth space.

A wisdom tooth is mostly extracted. However, if you are a lucky soul…your wisdom tooth might not cause much trouble to you.

You can call our dentist in Chula Vista to book an appointment and get rid of that wisdom tooth now!