Tooth Decay

We all have one fear – losing natural teeth. The reason behind losing a natural tooth could be anything; an accident or tooth decay. But, how does tooth decay destroy a perfectly healthy natural tooth? And, how does dental decay form? We have a bunch of questions to be asked. Let’s find answers to some of the questions!

What is tooth decay?

When bacteria from different foods produce acid to attack the tooth enamel, tooth decay is formed. It looks like a small hole within your tooth, and you might also feel slight pain while chewing food.

Also, if the tooth decay hole gets bigger (cavity), there are chances that what you eat will get stuck inside the cavity-causing extreme discomfort.

As time passes, tooth loss will occur if you continue to ignore your cavities.

And, how does tooth decay form?

When you eat sugary, acidic, or carbonated food, the sugar breaks down to form a thin sheet of plaque. When this plaque is consistently fed with sugar, it gives birth to tooth decay.

There are many other reasons why it forms:

  • Ignoring your oral health routine becomes a daily routine.
  • When you avoid dental visits for regular dental cleaning.
  • Eating sticky foods or sugar.
  • When the body produces saliva in little amounts and the mouth becomes dry.
  • Cancer treatments also cause tooth decay.

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

When it transits into another stage, the symptoms start appearing.

Let’s have a look at some common symptoms of tooth decay.

No pain no gain? Not always!

In the case of dental decay, toothache is the most common symptom.

Difficulty chewing?

It makes chewing normal food difficult for you. When you feel pressure or sensitivity while chewing food, get in touch with your dentist asap.

Visible symptoms!

Most of the symptoms of tooth decay can be felt. But, when you start seeing dark tiny holes or pits, head to your dentist immediately. Your dentist might be able to reverse tooth decay.

How do you prevent it?

When you follow your daily oral care regimen properly, you reduce the chances of damaging your teeth.

Your oral health care routine must have contained:

  • Regular brushing x2
  • Regular floss (once or after every meal)
  • Using a medicated mouthwash.
  • Visit your dentist for regular dental cleaning.

What type of food causes dental decay?

Acidic foods such as lemon, orange, and coffee, etc stimulate the dental decay process.

Carbonated drinks were always your enemy. They not only harm your physical and mental health but also play a vital role in harming your dental health.

Sugar is a sweet poison. Foods that contain high sugar are the reason why most teenagers are suffering from this chronic tooth decay. From starch to beverages, everything contains sugar. And sugar is detrimental to oral health.

This is a serious problem. Most kids and teenagers suffer from dental decay. Sugary foods are the main culprit but as we have discussed there could be many other reasons behind dental decay.

What’s more important is to realize that oral health is inevitable. Visit your dentist in Chula Vista regularly and follow your daily oral health care routine and you will be invincible!

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