There is no doubt that toothache is excruciating. During the daytime, you can head to your dentist for an emergency visit…but what do you do at night?

Wait patiently for the day? Well, this is impractical. Instead, what you can do is treat tooth decay pain with these instant cure treatments.

You can pair them up with each other to increase the effectiveness.

Kill the pain!

How do you kill the pain when it’s killing you?

With the help of painkillers! (You knew that!)

The medicines for toothache contain ibuprofen and naproxen.

You can ask your dentist in Chula Vista to prescribe a medicine on call and take the pain killers asap!

Rinse and shine!

Nothing can help in reducing the pain as much as gargling with salt water does.

Salt water rinse is the second best thing to do when the toothache becomes unbearable.

Take a glass of warm water, and dip ⅕ teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt. You can also use normal salt. Mix it until salt dissolves completely into the water. Now, rinse the solution for 5-10 minutes.

You might notice a slight decrease in pain instantly.

You can also dilute Hydrogen peroxide in water.

Take 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and dilute it in a glass of water. Gargle the hydrogen peroxide solution gradually and spit it out after 5-10 seconds. Repeat it 5-6 times.

These two are the best solvents to dilute with water when pain hurts your tooth like anything.

Compress the pain…

Another fast and effective treatment of toothache at home is “ice pack application.”

Apply cold compress on the area of pain for 10 seconds in five intervals after a gap of 10 seconds.

Never use a cold compress for more than 10 minutes. It can damage the nerves.

Look up at the sky!

Out of all times, you might dislike the idea of looking up at the sky when you’re in immense pain.

Head elevation can help in blood circulation. It improves blood flow and helps in reducing pain and sensitivity.

A slight movement of your body can help in many aspects. It will be more helpful if you elevate your head after having painkillers.

Put two pillows under your head and keep your head high. Try to assume that you are under a beautiful sky, counting stars…

Numb the pain…

You cannot try injections at home, but what you can try is using dental ointment.

There are many different dental ointments available over-the-counter at your nearest medicine store.

Apply a moderate amount of ointment on the surface and keep your head elevated to improve blood flow.

Do not overuse the ointment. It is also fast and effective!

These treatments are an instant but temporary cure. To get rid of pain caused by tooth decay, you will have to get a tooth decay removal treatment. This will not only save you from immense pain but will also improve your oral health.

Contact your dentist in Chula Vista to get your tooth decay removed. Call us now to book an appointment.