Some studies have proven that a broken tooth is the leading cause of tooth loss in industrialized nations. These researches have also shown that dentists deal with patients with a broken or chipped tooth at least daily where they practice.

On the other hand, dentists who specialize in saving teeth report that they treat more patients with broken, chipped, or cracked teeth than those with decayed teeth.

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about a broken or chipped tooth:

How do teeth break?

It is a well-known fact that the enamel — the outermost layer of a tooth — is quite strong. However, it is possible to crack or break it. Sudden injury due to falling or sports can cause a broken or chipped tooth.

Sometimes, people use their teeth for activities like opening a container or chewing on solid ice. Weakened teeth due to decay can also eventually break while eating hard candy, apples, chips, granola bars, etc.

Is it possible to just crack a tooth and not lose it?

At times, people may hit their teeth on something, but not lose any. This does not mean that the teeth could not have been damaged. There could be cracks not visible to the naked eye. Such damage is called a fracture in the teeth. Cracks can be shallow or extend through the entire tooth. This cracked tooth can weaken, and break off or be damaged further later on while doing normal activities.

Therefore, even if you do not lose or see any visible damage following a hard hit to the teeth, you should get a dental check-up.

Are there symptoms of a broken or chipped tooth other than the obvious physical change?

Apart from actually seeing damage on the teeth, you may experience the following:

  • Facial swelling
  • Sharp pain when pressure is applied to the teeth
  • Blood or discharge from the tooth’s base or gum line
  • Pain from extreme temperatures (hot and cold food and beverages)
  • A sharp pain that comes and goes — typically, this pain dissipates fast

Can broken teeth be fixed?

A dentist can use different treatments to restore a broken or chipped tooth. The location and severity of the break can influence the type of treatment used.

In case of a crack that extends below the gum line, the dentist will have to extract your natural teeth and suggest that you get a dental implant as a replacement.

Is a broken or chipped tooth a dental emergency?

If you have adult teeth that have broken off or cracked, it is considered a dental emergency. The reason is that even a minor crack can cause problems with drinking, eating, and sometimes, speaking.

Furthermore, a break in the tooth can cause food and bacteria to be stuck in the affected area, which will eventually cause infection. Additionally, if you do not get treatment in time, it may become too late to save the natural tooth.

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