Broken Tooth Treatment

Broken teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay.

If your broken tooth can be saved, it will be saved.

And, how do you know if your tooth can be saved or not?

Well, a broken tooth with a crack that never reaches the gum line can be saved.

And, a broken tooth with a crack emerging from the gum line or reaching the gum line can not be saved. Hence, tooth extraction surgery is needed.

So, there are a few treatments to save your natural tooth.

Let’s have a look!

Bond….dental bond

When the broken tooth is more of a chipped tooth, your dentist will fix it immediately with dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a simple and effective process. It is non-invasive and needs one dental visit only.

The treatment consists of three steps:

  • Roughening of the tooth enamel.

This simple process will not require any sedatives. Also, this process is very significant to increase the adhesiveness of dental bonding material.

  • Application of dental bonding.

Now, this is the real step…when your dentist will apply an adhesive fluid and adhere to the composite resin material.

  • For hardening the material…

Now, your dentist will put a UV light to harden the surface…and here you go! No sign of a chipped or cracked tooth!

You have to be careful while you chew with dental bonding. It is not a long-lasting solution. So, you’ll have to keep visiting your dentist after 3-4 months!

Wear that crown!

No, we are not talking about any tiara…

Dental crowns are an awesome treatment for your broken tooth. Crowns are used when the cracks are large but amendable.

They are available in diverse materials. You can choose all-porcelain, all-metal, or an infusion of porcelain and metal in dental crowns.

Each crown material has its own benefit.

If you choose a porcelain crown, it will seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth. If your front tooth is broken or chipped, getting a porcelain crown would be the best!

And, if you choose metal, they are known for their strength and durability. You can try metal crowns for molars.

How to get the crackles tooth back?

And, when the broken tooth is an incisor or canine (the front teeth), porcelain veneers are the best treatment.

A veneer is a sleek shell that looks like a natural tooth. It is attached to the tooth surface. It is made from porcelain and looks like the best alternative to a natural tooth.

The process of getting dental veneers is the same as bonding.

  • Your dentist will roughen the surface.
  • Apply adhesive, and then attach the dental veneer to the teeth.
  • After that, your dentist will put UV light for the veneers to attach completely.
  • Then, your dentist will polish the surface to get rid of uneven parts, and boom! Your new and crackles tooth is ready…

Porcelain veneers are a better version of dental bondings. They are expensive but long-lasting. A veneer can last for a good 15 years.

When things are unreachable…

Root canal therapy is the last option. It is when the crack exposes the tooth pulp and multiplies the chances of catching infections.

Your dentist will not extract your teeth, rather extract the dead pulp tissues. They are painless. Your dentist might also use a dental crown to cover your weak tooth.

You can get each of these treatments from your dentist in Chula Vista. They are not only a cosmetic treatment but serve a restorative purpose as well.

To repair your broken tooth, get in touch with the best cosmetic dentist in Chula Vista and get yourself treated asap! Call us now…

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