A dental filling procedure can fix oral issues such as cavities, minor fractures, uneven tooth surfaces, and bite and chewing problems of the jaw. The dental filling materials applied can also minimize sensitivity caused by the enamel loss as a result of tooth decay.

The procedure has become quite common in the field of dentistry since a significant number of people suffer from tooth decay. The restorative treatment is the ideal option to restore and protect an affected tooth. In this article, we describe what you can expect from the treatment:

What to Expect from a Dental Filling Treatment?

A dentist will first conduct an initial consultation to identify cavities and other problems in your mouth. You may get an x-ray so the dentist can determine the extent of the damage.

During this initial session, your doctor may also discuss the dental filling material to be used. For this purpose, you will be presented with the options available, and the decision will depend on factors such as your oral condition, aesthetic demands, and budget. All materials have certain advantages and disadvantages, which your dentist will explain and suggest the best-suited material in your specific case.

Before starting the procedure, your dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. This ensures that the patient does not experience any discomfort during the process.

The dentist will then proceed to prepare the damaged tooth for treatment. The damaged dental tissue is removed and an acid gel is applied to get rid of any remaining bacteria or debris. Afterward, the dentist fills the cleaned cavity with the material.

In the case of composite fillings, the dentist has to isolate the damaged tooth. This prevents the interference of moisture into the bonding process of the composite material. For this reason, several adhesives are used before the composite material is applied. The dentist will then use a special light to solidify the composite into place.

The final step of the dental filling procedure is the polishing of the filled tooth. You may be advised to take certain precautions for a few days and asked for scheduling a follow-up appointment.

Dental Filling in Chula Vista

Dr. Nick Addario offers quality and affordable dental services in Chula Vista. Under the supervision of expert dentists and assistance from trained staff, patients will have access to a comfortable dental procedure. The dental clinic also hosts a fully hygienic environment so our clients can get treatments with complete peace of mind.

Dr. Addario’s dental filling services include a wide range of dental filling materials. Clients will receive detailed guidance on the benefits and drawbacks of each material and which one will be most suitable for their specific dental needs as well as their budget.

To learn more about Dr. Addario’s dental filling services in Chula Vista, dental filling types, and the cost of dental filling, please call or visit us today. You can also book an appointment for an emergency dental filling.