Many people suffer from what is known as a gummy smile. It means that they have excessive gum tissue that covers a large part of their teeth. This often gives an unappealing appearance to one’s smile.

On the other hand, people may have receding gums, which is not only aesthetically unpleasing but an oral health issue as well. Additionally, some people have an uneven gum line.  For all such issues, gum contouring is an ideal solution.

What is Gum Contouring?

It is a dental treatment that reshapes or sculpts your gum line. The excess gum tissue around your teeth is cut or removed during this surgery. This technique can also restore your tissue if you have gum recession. It is often not medically necessary; however, it is often suggested as a fix or to improve the appearance of your gums. Your dentist may recommend gum contouring if you have a problem with your gums that is affecting your oral health.

Advantages of Getting Gum Contouring Procedure

Here are four benefits of a gum contouring procedure:

  • While having excess gum tissue does not always affect your oral health, it can make your teeth appear dingy, which can affect the appearance of your smile. Gum contouring is a safe method of removing the extra gum tissue and lengthening your teeth so they are more proportionate to your smile
  • It is also a good option for people with an uneven gum line. The jagged shape of the gum line makes the teeth and smile appear unhealthy, even if it may not have any effect on your oral health. However, with this procedure, your dentist can reshape the gum line to make it even
  • For those who have receding gums, which can happen due to dental decay, the dentist will recommend the gum contouring procedure for maintaining oral health. Receding gums is a form of gum disease and exposed too much of the teeth. It can lead to tooth loss. Similarly, for some people, excess gum tissue can cause food to trap inside the gums, which will result in gum disease
  • If you are getting the procedure for removing gum tissue, then the advantage is that it has permanent results. Once the extra gum tissue has been removed, it will not grow back, because gums cannot regenerate. Additionally, the procedure is quite safe. It does involve surgery but has a very low risk of bleeding and infection


Since the procedure is invasive, some patients worry about the pain. The dentist will use local anaesthesia to numb the gums before starting the process. You will also have an oral evaluation initially to determine if you qualify for the procedure and if it is ideal for your dental needs.

For example, patients should not have any gum disease. After the procedure has been completed, you may feel slight tenderness. If you follow all the post-treatment instructions given by the dentist, you will heal without the hassle and quickly.

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