Deep dental cleaning is a smart way to clean your teeth and avoid tooth loss and other expensive treatments. It is different from regular cleaning because, in this treatment, your dentist cleans not only above the gum line but also below the gumline.

The advantages of this treatment are inevitable. They are visible and feel good immediately after the treatment.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of deep dental cleaning which you can enjoy after one dental visit.

The advantages of deep dental cleaning:

Prevents gum diseases:

Deep dental cleaning is also known as “periodontal maintenance therapy.” This treatment revolves around the removal of plaque and the prevention of gum diseases.

Treat periodontal infections:

This treatment not only prevents disease but treats minor gum infections such as receding gums or removal of tartar storage below the gumline.

Prevents loss of tooth

For the most part, this is not just a regular cleaning process.

Here, your dentist will take proper measures to make sure plaque and tartar are removed from above and below the gumline. This plaque and tartar, if continued to reside below the gumline, could cause your teeth to decay. And, when decay is ignored for a longer time, it eventually leads to tooth loss.

So, we eliminate all this just by getting a deep dental cleaning treatment. A win-win situation, no?

No bad breath:

Bad breath is not always because you ate garlic. Sometimes, it could be caused by periodontal diseases. With this treatment, you can get rid of dental cleaning! It’s time to say bye to bad breath…and hey to your fresh breath.

Protects tooth root:

What can you expect from a treatment which ensures cleaning plaque below the gum line? Obviously, it will be enough to protect the tooth root. That’s yet another advantage of it which you can enjoy.

Now, you must be calling us a bit biased for only bragging about how wonderful treatment…because it is.

But, to be honest, it has some disadvantages too. We are so glad that these disadvantages are temporary, and not disadvantages actually, as they seldom take anything away from you. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages…

Disadvantages of deep dental cleaning:

Might cause nerve damage:

Pulling the gums is not an easy job. If your dentist is not an experienced one, you might be at risk of nerve damage. Therefore, it is suggested to always choose a dentist who is an expert in dental cleaning treatment.

Reattachment of gums is not guaranteed:

This is a rare factor. But, it is an undeniable risk. So, you can ask your dentist in Chula Vista to make sure you get the best out of the treatment.

Pain and sensitive gums:

Well, this is a very typical risk. This is a dental risk that can last for 5-8 days. But, medications would be apt to treat pain or sensitivity.

You can contact your dentist in Chula Vista to get deep dental cleaning therapy. It’s worth the money. Call us now!