Are you also one of those who delay their regular dental cleanings until they are due for a deep dental cleaning? It’s funny, but you will now have to get it before your oral health gets out of hand.

What is Deep Dental Cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is different from just using fluoride toothpaste and floss. Rather, it is an advanced cleaning process that involves tooth scaling and root planing.

It is due when your oral health deteriorates to the extent of losing teeth and having a receding or bleeding gums.

What is Deep Dental Cleaning For?

It is a treatment that helps to remove plaque or tartar from your teeth. This process also reduces gingivitis by improving gum health. (Gingivitis is a gum infection that causes inflammation of gums.)

If you think you can remove plaque and tartar at home, you are wrong! Regular brushing and flossing can remove plaque, but not from every part of your mouth.

Plaque bacteria can reside both below and above the gum line and harden with time forming tartar. Consider this tartar a monster who will eat all your teeth, and your only superpower is deep dental cleaning!

Benefits of Deep Dental Cleaning:

  • Prevents gum irritation and disease.
  • Prevents tooth loss and combat tooth decay.
  • Provides nice, fresh breath.
  • Protects teeth roots and gums.


The deep dental cleaning breaks down into two significant steps and dental visits:

Tooth scaling – when your dentist removes plaque from above the gum line.

Root planing – when your dentist removes plaque from below the gum line.

How to reduce sensitivity after the dental process?

When you get a deep dental treatment, it is normal for your gums to bleed or swell. To reduce the sensitivity, your dentist might suggest some antibiotics and home remedies.

These home remedies can help in reducing pain and gum irritation:

  • Applying ice packs for 2-3 minutes, 5-6 times a day.
  • Use clove toothpaste or special toothpaste with less abrasive chemicals.
  • Brush with a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid bleeding.
  • Floss daily!

Also, you can avoid eating solids for a while. Or, you can eat mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, or a yogurt smoothie (without any tiny seed that gets stuck in your teeth).

Is numbing required for a deep dental cleaning?

Yes, you will get an aesthetic shot before the treatment. This way, you’ll be able to get treatment with slight irritation or pain.

You can discuss with your dentist in Chula Vista about the process and if anesthesia is required in your case or not.

How much does a deep dental treatment cost?

If you have insurance, we have good news for you. Deep dental cleanings are covered in almost all insurances.

However, the cost of deep dental cleaning depends on the severity, and expertise of your dentist. Apart from this, it also depends on the location.

Here, you can get a satisfying dental cleaning treatment at an affordable cost from an experienced dentist in Chula Vista, if only you call us now!