Don’t worry too much, spots of brown discoloration on the teeth are very common. Being conscious of the possibility of brown spotting on your teeth and knowing how to prevent and treat them with teeth cleaning services is an essential part of dental hygiene. 

Brown patches on your teeth come in a variety of colors, from yellowish brown to dark brown, and sometimes can even be undetectable when looking passively. Some brown spots appear as mottled patches, while others appear as lines. 

While brown spots can come from several different causes, it is important to be aware of any factors that can cause the issue. So, what exactly causes brown spotting on your teeth?

Causes of Brown Spot

The following factors can lead to brown spots on the teeth:

  • Foods and Sugary Beverages
  • Tobacco Products
  • Tartar
  • Genetics (Believe it or not, sometimes it’s not from anything you’ve done)
  • Medications
  • Health Conditions (ie: Enamel hypoplasia, Celiac disease, Fluorosis, etc.)

While this doesn’t mean you need to cut out having a casual friendly dark red wine night with your friends during the week, it is important to be conscious of what may be causing discoloration on your teeth. 

Getting Rid of Brown Spots 

Yes, it is possible to get rid of the dreaded brown spots and it can be a lot simpler than you would think. For problems that don’t reside with genetics or medications, frequent brushing and flossing and regular visits to your dentist can help reduce plaque build-up on your teeth. Too much plaque build-up leads to brown teeth. 

Also, it is crucial to know what is going on inside your mouth. Look at your teeth closely in a mirror on a regular basis. If you have brown teeth or notice your gums are bleeding, swollen, or in pain, it is advised to consult with your dentist for proper treatment. 

Once you have a proper oral health routine of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, look for at-home teeth-whitening products to help maintain that bright smile of yours! 

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