Who does not want a brighter smile?

Brushing and flossing every day keep your teeth healthy. However, it is not uncommon to notice that your teeth become discoloured with time. This can happen due to several reasons, including our lifestyle habits and oral issues.

Fortunately, it is possible to fix the discoloration of teeth via certain dental treatments. In the following article, we will compare two such treatments: regular teeth whitening vs Zoom whitening in Chula Vista.

What is Regular Teeth Whitening?

Regular teeth whitening is a straightforward procedure. The whitening products for teeth usually contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are bleaching agents. These bleaches break down stains into smaller bits, resulting in a reduced appearance of the discoloration, hence, brighter teeth.

However, there are more effective professional dental whitening methods available such as Zoom whitening.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom whitening procedures come in a variety of forms. Some are performed at your dentist’s office, while others can be completed at home following consultation with a dentist.

All of these methods use a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening agent. The quickest and most effective treatment also incorporates the use of LED light to brighten your teeth during the process.

For example, after a 45-minute procedure at your dentist’s office, the Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment can make your teeth dramatically brighter. It entails the use of a whitening gel as well as an LED bulb.

Another Zoom whitening procedure at the dentist’s office is the Zoom QuickPro treatment. It is based on a whitening agent that is applied to your teeth for 30 minutes. There are also two at-home solutions, which use whitening gel-filled trays to whiten your teeth.

The Pros of Zoom Whitening Treatment

Here are a few benefits of getting Zoom teeth whitening in Chula Vista:

  • Changes in tooth color are instantly noticeable
  • The results can last up to a year if you take proper care afterward
  • Your dentist can perform the entire treatment for you
  • There is a reduced risk of enamel damage and gum irritation

How to Control Discolouration of the Teeth?

Certain factors lead to teeth discolouration but cannot be controlled. These include age, injury, or medications. However, you can still control other factors such as avoiding foods and beverages that stain the teeth in excess, tobacco intake, etc.

Additionally, maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine (brushing and flossing) and visiting the dentist for regular dental cleaning can also help keep your smile bright.

Cosmetic Dentist in Chula Vista

Dr. Nick Addario is a cosmetic dentist in Chula Vista — offering a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including professional dental whitening. In addition to regular methods of whitening the teeth, Dr. Addario also offers in-office Zoom teeth whitening.

Patients will receive the whitening treatments in a comfortable and hygienic environment. Qualified and expert dentists will perform the treatments, along with assistance from trained staff, which is dedicated to ensuring the convenience of the patients.