Isn’t it tough to choose between braces and Invisalign? Indeed, it is!

Invisalign is a clear tray that works to straighten your teeth. Most people consider it an effective treatment while others think that Invisalign is useless.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the pros and cons of Invisalign treatment and how you can get the fullest benefit from this treatment.

Pros of Invisalign Treatment:

Invisible aligners

This is the selling point of Invisalign. They are invisible, and they almost work like magic. Unlike braces, they do not loudly announce that you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment. We can consider it to be one of the biggest benefits of Invisalign.


Another important factor about Invisalign is that they are removable. It could be a benefit if you treat it as a benefit. For Invisalign, you will have to be a bit careful about not losing them or not wearing them for less than 22 hours.

So, if you can keep track of time and be mindful of where you are putting your Invisalign tray, you will save the time of treatment (as it will not be lengthy), and also save your money if you do not lose it…


Although Invisalign is not very comfortable when you compare it with braces they are better. One of the coolest parts of Invisalign is: you can wear them off while eating food and put them back after cleaning your teeth. In this way, you can have a comfortable chewing experience.

Perfect for professionals and students

If you are a professional worker or a student who does not like to disclose the locations of their personal life to everyone you should choose Invisalign.

Cons of Invisalign Treatment:

Every treatment comes with its shares of pros and cons for Invisalign treatment the cons are comparatively lower. Let’s have a look at them!

Not stain resistant

So, Invisalign trays are not stained-resistant. So, if you are eating a high-pigmented food or coffee, it will leave stains on your tray and it looks awful. Therefore, you must avoid eating or drinking while wearing them in order to keep them clean because you will not be able to clean them afterward.

Might cause irritation

The worst part of having Invisalign is that you can expect some inflammation due to the thermoplastic material. So, you will have to ask your dentist for advice that would help you reduce the rotation irritation.

Bad farewell to your manicure

Invisalign trays are very tight, so you cannot expect your manicure to remain the same while removing it. Either you will remove your nail or it will be a failed attempt to remove your Invisalign tray.

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