Implant Restoration

Want to fix your missing tooth?

There is no better way than a dental implant restoration!

More than 3 million people in the United States chose dental restoration to restore their missing teeth. These numbers are growing rapidly.

Implant Restoration is safe and effective.

What is implant restoration?

To keep it simple, it is a process where a missing or damaged tooth is restored by a dental implant.

When an implanted root is fused to the jawbone, and a prosthetic tooth (usually a dental crown) is attached above the root, an implant restoration is performed.

We can break down the restoration into two significant components:

  1. Metal root (works to restore the jaw bone, and to provide a strong foundation to the prosthetic tooth.)
  2. A prosthetic tooth (works to restore functional abilities, such as chewing and eating.)

Why should you get an implant restoration?

The question should be “why should you live with a missing tooth?”

A missing tooth, along with its many cons, could also harm your self-confidence. Nothing can prevent you from smiling, not even a missing tooth.

It not only affects your smile or your socializing skills but also creates a bad impact on your speech.

Not to mention the detrimental impact of damaged teeth on your oral health. The importance of dental restoration is inevitable.

How many types of dental restoration are there?

Single-tooth implant:

When only one tooth is missing or damaged, a single tooth implant is performed.

Dental implant with bridge:

When a couple of teeth are missing from a certain area of the mouth, dental bridges are attached.

Implant restoration with dentures:

When multiple teeth are missing, implant restoration with dentures helps in maintaining retention and providing support. People love it as they are partially removable.

Implant restoration hybrid prosthesis:

They are also used when multiple teeth are missing or damaged. The hybrid prosthesis is better than implant dentures, as they offer a better chewing experience. They are irremovable.

Who performs dental implant therapy?

A general dentist cannot single-handedly perform dental implant therapy with perfection. It is the teamwork of prosthodontists, periodontists, and general dentists that determines the success of restoration treatment. A periodontist helps with the surgical aspect, whereas, general dentist or prosthodontist helps in the restorative aspect of the therapy.

How much does implant restoration cost?

An implant restoration is specifically customized for every patient. Therefore, dentists have to work for each and every patient and produce a new model for every individual.

We cannot predict the exact cost of restoration, but these factors can be helpful in determining it.

  • A number of missing or damaged teeth.
  • Type of implant restoration.
  • Experience and expertise of your dentists.
  • Area.

You can restore dental implants in Chula Vista for one tooth for around $1000 to $2500. And restoring more than one tooth can cost you around $6,000 to $10,000.

(This is an estimated cost, the original price may vary.)

You should always keep in mind that dental restoration is not an expense, but an investment in better oral health.

If you want to seek the best dental care in Chula Vista, you can contact us. Our dentists are professionals and experts in performing implant restoration. Call us now!

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