Invisalign aligners all cool until they get dirty! Yes, they do get stained. So, it is important for you to clean your teeth as well as your Invisalign tray (not more often but once in a while).

You might be wondering, “Hello, I need to dispose of my Invisalign tray after 2 weeks. How do I clean it once in a while?” Okay, so you should do it after every two days. Surely, you do not want to get an infection just because you wore a dirty Invisalign tray.

So, How do you clean your Invisalign Tray?

Before cleaning your Invisalign, you should know the difference between rinsing your Invisalign and cleaning it properly.

Rinsing your Invisalign might get rid of debris, but it will do little to nothing for the bacteria that is building up inside your tray.

There are a few basic steps that you can do to keep your Invisalign clean.

  1. Rinse your Invisalign tray with cold water every night.
  2. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your Invisalign tray. You can also use a gentle soap for the antibacterial wash to get rid of any bacteria.
  3. Watch them again to get rid of any soap for food particles.
  4. Do not forget to put your tray in the protective case when you are not wearing them.

What should you do to keep them clean?

These are some additional steps that you can do to make sure your Invisalign tray is bacteria free!

  • When you wash your mouth with a brush and toothpaste, you must not forget to wash your Invisalign tray every morning too.
  • You should always rinse your Invisalign tray each time you are removing them to get rid of any food particles as well as saliva.
  • Soak your tray in Invisalign cleaning crystals once a day.
  • To keep your trays clean you should always brush and floss your mouth properly.

What should you never do to keep them clean?

These are the steps that you should never do and they will be very harmful to your trays! Let’s have a look at them!

  • Never leave your Invisalign trace out in the open air. Keeping them in an exposed environment can make them vulnerable to bacteria and viruses which can be harmful to your oral health.
  • Never eat or drink anything while you have your Invisalign trays on. To eat anything you need to take your Invisalign trays out of your mouth so that it does not get stained or damaged. You can always drink water…
  • Never use your beauty soap to clean your Invisalign tray. You would never want your Invisalign trays to smell like chamomile or taste like soap. Therefore you should prevent yourself from doing these gimmicks to clean your aligners.
  • If you are going on a long trip somewhere you must not forget to switch your aligners or else your whole treatment will go down in vain.

Invisalign works best when you care for them. So, you must care for your Invisalign aligner as well as your oral health during your teeth straightening treatment.

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