If you are thinking of investing your money into some treatment, you deserve to know about its impact. For the very least, you are taking good care of your dental health. Carelessness can lead to periodontal disease, and potentially harm your mental peace and physical health.

How is periodontal health related to your body?

veins of teeth are connecting to your brain

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As you can see, most of the veins of teeth are connecting to your brain. And you wonder why your head aches when your tooth is swelling.

Your dental health is interconnected to your physical health. A periodontal disease, if not cured, can lead to heart diseases, stroke and other physical health problems. Researchers say that gum disease causes inflammation, which eventually could be a reason for heart disease. To reduce the chances of these deadly diseases, periodontal maintenance becomes an essential daily practice.

But, what causes periodontal diseases?

Infections are the cause of periodontal diseases. The root cause of infections is plaque. The plaque, when hardened, can cause severe damage to your tooth causing periodontal disease. And, in worst case scenarios, these diseases can also lead to heart problems, osteoporosis, diabetes or at the very least, jaw bone loss. This plaque wouldn’t have been there if you’ve brushed properly.

Therefore, periodontal maintenance is vital for your health.

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is no rocket science. With just some few steps, you can avoid huge dental problems, and dodge physical health issues as well.

Consult with your dentist: if you notice any periodontal disease symptoms taking birth in your mouth. You ought to visit your dentist in Chula Vista. These symptoms could be;

  • Gums swelling or bleeding
  • Unbearably bad breath
  • Infections
  • Painful chewing experience

Your dentist will most probably recommend some medicines to reduce pain before treating any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Periodontal therapy

Once your dentist examines your teeth, you are most likely to get periodontal therapy. In this process, your dentist will clear your gum line (both above and below the gum).

After that, you can expect some root planing. (It is not a painful treatment.) And you’re done with.

Professionals suggest that a sensitive case needs periodontal therapy three times, while others can get it twice.

Periodontal aftercare

Now that you have successfully given your teeth a new life. You have to sacrifice on a few things to keep them alive.

To get fullest benefits from the periodontal therapy, brush and floss regularly (seriously, we cannot stress enough on its importance). And avoid smoking as much as you can.

Benefits of periodontal therapy on your dental health

There are loads of benefits of this therapy. 

  • You will be able to chew better.
  • You won’t have swollen gums anymore. (They are a pain in life!)
  • Fresh breaths! (Most important!)
  • No more blood while brushing. (Yes, that’s possible!)

And, impact of periodontal therapy on overall health

You feel better and lighter. Your confidence will boost, and your mental health will be in much better space. Can you believe it? A periodontal therapy will make you feel better than you ever did before.

Get in touch with a dentist who will help you get in a better state overall. Call us if you are looking for a dentist in Chula Vista.