What hurts more than a breakup is certainly a toothache!

Some situations can get out of control…but you cannot visit your dentist due to the weekend or public holidays.

Don’t worry, we can get rid of this at home…hopefully!

How bacteria can cause toothache?

Bacteria is the root cause of dental cavities and periodontitis. And, both of these conditions can cause immense pain.

So, can we blame the bacteria for your toothache? Yes!

80% of children suffer from dental cavities worldwide. If the dental cavity is left untreated for a very long time it can cause chronic toothache.

Another reason could be the eruption of a permanent tooth, especially molars.

Trauma, fracture, and abscess could be other reasons for a toothache.

How do home remedies help in toothache?

These common ingredients are available at home. (And if it is not available at your place, you can borrow some from your neighbors…or order online?)

Universal Toothache Remedy:

From the US to South Asia, from adults to elders; whenever someone says “toothache,” everyone suggests this home remedy:

Salt water rinse

So, what is the perfect way of creating saline rinse?

Mix a teaspoon of salt in warm water. Rinse your mouth repeatedly for at least 1 minute. Try this two-three times a day.

Do not swallow the solution!

Yet another universal toothache remedy

Either people suggest saline rinses, or it is the famous “ice packs.”

Apply an ice pack for 3-4 minutes and pause for 5 minutes. Use it twice a day!

Overusing an ice pack can damage nerves.

Not cold compress but cold-pressed!

Suddenly cold-pressed oils have become a THING! And almost everyone accepts that clove is the best remedy for toothache. In 2017, a survey in Germany proved that clove is a commonly recommended plant extract.

So, what we can do is to get some cold-pressed clove oil and apply it to the pain site. Not just like that! Do it properly.

Use a cotton ball and dip it into cold-pressed clove oil (diluted into olive oil) and apply it to the pain site.

Try not to swallow clove oil as it is really strong.

What about trying some tea?

We all love peppermint tea, don’t we? The antibacterial properties of peppermint tea are perfectly capable of reducing pain. You might also feel a reduction in pain due to methanol’s power of numbing the site.

Make some peppermint tea for yourself and do not discard the teabag. Instead, apply it to your teeth. You might notice a significant difference after 2-3 minutes.

Keep the teabag and use it repeatedly.

These four remedies will surely create a difference and reduce the pain dramatically. However, you must remember that these are TEMPORARY PAIN RELIEVERS.

To get a permanent solution to toothache, get in touch with your dental experts in Chula Vista and seek dental treatment.

Ignoring the situation with temporary painkillers and home remedies might cause tooth loss.