If you are having a severe TMJ, I feel you. It’s so hard to chew and even speak sometimes. But, we have got your back. These exercises will help you reduce the pain in just a few days. Also, if you live in Chula Vista, consider it a plus point, you can connect with a TMJ specialist to get a consultation.

Before you perform these exercises, we might advise you to identify the region of pain and choose the exercise most effective for the part.

Coming back, these exercises will definitely help you cure TMJ disorder.

Goldfish to help you chew easily

This simple and easy exercise will help you chew better. You can also open your mouth fully (if you can!). Ideally, you should do six sets, six times a day.

  1. Place one finger on your ear and the other on the chin.
  2. Now drop your mouth to open it halfway, and close it.

During severe pain

These few steps will help you release any tension trapped in the muscles.

  1. Touch the top of your mouth with your tongue, and open your mouth as much as you can, hold for 5 seconds and close it.
  2. Now, open it again but this time to stretch it outwards, hold for 5 seconds then close it.
  3. Now, open your mouth in a neutral position for 5 seconds, and close it now. 
  4. Put a pencil in between your teeth and move your lower forward. Hold for 10 seconds and then release.
  5. Now, close your mouth with a straight face. Move your eyes from left to right along with your lower jaw. Do it for 20-25 seconds and release.

Relax, just relax!

Sometimes it’s not just the pain, but your anxiety hitting you. In such situations, remember to perform these breathing exercises.

  1. Take a big breath in, and release the breath out.
  2. Tuck the chin into the chest and bow your head. (you will be alright!)
  3. Now look up and start tapping lightly on the face with your index finger.
  4. Focus on your breath for a minute or two as you breathe in to fill the belly with air (not the chest) and breath out.
  5. Now, relax! You’re alive and you’ll be fine.

Bonus measures to help you get fully treated:

  • You can also apply an ice pack to the region for 10 to 12 minutes only.
  • Avoid hard, sticky, or food that requires loads of chewing. (In short, no more chocolates, and steaks, at least for a while!)
  • Try to have soups and juices to get some energy.
  • Try to chew with the side which is paining more. (it’s hard, but if you don’t chew on the other side, it will get worse!)
  • Stick to your regular oral health care routine.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. (That was obvious!)

Consult with your dentist in Chula Vista, if the pain is still unbearable. Your doctor will suggest a few medicines to help get rid of it. Contact us now to connect with the TMJ specialist. Call now!