We know that big procedures and changes can be scary, especially when it comes to surgery. But what if full mouth rehabilitation (reconstruction) could drastically help your oral and overall health? 

Full Smile Rehabilitation is often recommended to patients who are experiencing discomfort, decay, and other infection-related issues to their teeth! There are several factors that go into the procedure that help define if you or someone would be a proper candidate for mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction. Here is what you should expect when booking a full smile rehabilitation procedure:

Let’s Start With the Consultation

A consultation with a highly qualified dental professional, like Dr. Addario, is absolutely essential when considering this procedure, especially a procedure of this scale and importance. During the consultation appointment, Dr. Addario will discuss the primary concerns you’re facing and what the ultimate goals will be for treatment.

Some ideal questions to consider during the consultation would include, what would the ideal results be for this particular procedure, and how quickly do you want to see results and changes?

Oral and Neck Examination

During the examination, Dr. Addario will conduct a full examination to understand the extent of the issues in order to finalize the requirements of the procedure. Within the examination, he will determine the following:

  • The internal and external condition of the teeth
  • The overall state of the gums
  • The jaw and bite alignment
  • The appearance of the teeth

Treatment Options to Consider

Speaking generally, dental treatments that affect all teeth in the mouth are called full mouth reconstruction or full smile rehabilitation. Smile rehabilitation can occur throughout different stages and can require multiple appointments to complete. Some treatments that are considered to be under the full smile rehabilitation can include fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, and/or dentures, etc.

It is important to consider that it may be suggested to schedule treatments over a period of time depending on the treatment and the cost.

Want Recommendations for Your Full Mouth Rehabilitation? Consider Aesthetic Dentistry of San Diego

Full smile rehabilitation or reconstruction can bring back a fully healthy, shining smile. Call us today at (619) 656-1788 or schedule an online appointment with us, and let’s take your smile journey even further!