*photo from Digital Smile Design® 

Would you buy a car without a test drive? Most people wouldn’t. So, why would you invest money in your smile if you couldn’t see what the outcome would be in advance? Well, thanks to advances in modern dentistry and our team’s dedication to ongoing education, you can now see a digital mockup of your new smile design before the treatment physically starts.

Using state-of-the-art videography and digital technology, Digital Smile Design® allows the patient to take a more hands-on approach to their treatment process than ever before. It’s considered the most modern, patient-centered design approach available. DSD, Digital Smile Design®, Clinics are an exclusive group of hand-selected dental practices all over the nation that share a passion for combining dentistry, aesthetics, and modern technology in their pursuit of excellence.

Now that you’ve learned it’s possible to virtually design your smile before you even begin treatment you might be excited to start and be curious about exactly how it all works. So, let’s look at the process:

Step One: Find a dental professional who offers Digital Smile Design®. Dr. Addarion is one of the few in this area who do, so you have come to the right place! 

Step Two: Schedule an appointment and we will make sure you are a good candidate for this approach. If you are, we will schedule a scan. This scan will take three-dimensional photos and videos of every angle of your mouth. This digital scan is done with an intraoral scanner, and the data is imported into the DSD software.

Step Three: After the data is imported into the software, your dental provider will look at the digital library of various ideal tooth forms and shapes that can be placed over the tops of your teeth in the images giving you the look you are wanting. This gives you a quick glimpse into what you can expect from the outcome of the proposed treatment, as well as gives the dental provider what is needed to create a physical model with a dental lab.

Upon approval, your provider will begin the restoration process. Any damaged teeth will be removed or replaced. Dr. Addario will restore each individual tooth. Finally, the process will be completed with a polishing treatment that will help your teeth stay shiny and clean.

You will be in the driver’s seat for the entire process from start to finish. It’s important for you to communicate your wants and needs. You’ll also have the opportunity to approve the three-dimensional model and mock-up images of what your smile will look like after the treatment is complete.
If you’re curious to learn more about Digital Smile Design® or you’re ready to schedule your consultation, give us a call today at 6196561788 or book online here.