Dental Exam

A dental check-up is a primary step in developing a dental care plan. It allows the dentist to diagnose your oral issues, plan the treatment, implement it, and evaluate the results. It is necessary to get a teeth exam regularly — allowing the dentist to identify oral health issues and provide appropriate treatment timely.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

During a dental examination procedure, the dentist closely analyses your teeth and oral tissues. The utilization of physical examination, radiographs, and other diagnostic tools help the dentist identify any oral abnormalities.

What does a Dental Exam Consist of?

A typical dental examination consists of the following:

Dental Cleaning

The dentist (most likely, a dental hygienist), will perform dental cleaning with certain tools. For example, they use a scraper to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. The process can include flossing and a special toothbrush for ensuring a thorough cleaning. At times, the dentist may apply a fluoride gel or foam to the teeth, but this is more common in the case of children. You will be advised on proper brushing and flossing techniques so you can manage a healthy oral hygiene routine at home until your next scheduled teeth exam.

Dental X-ray

There are different types of dental x-rays that your dentist may use for knowing the condition of your oral health. The dentist will ensure that you, along with yourself, have protection against radiation.

Dental Evaluation

A dental evaluation includes the examination of recent x-rays for cavities and other oral issues. The dentist will also physically look at your teeth and gums.

The evaluation also includes the examination of how your top and bottom teeth fit together (your bite). Dentists feel under the jaw, look at the insides of your lips, examine the sides of the tongue, assess the mouth’s roof and floor, etc., to determine the presence of oral cancer. In children, dentists also evaluate for determining the progress of teeth development.

How Many Visits for Dental Check-up a Year?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends visiting your dentist at least once a year for a routine dental check-up. For people who have issues such as periodontal disease, the dentist may suggest more than one visit per year. This allows monitoring existing oral health problems and prevention of complications.

How much does a Dental Exam Cost?

The cost of a routine dental check-up can vary depending on your location and choice of dentist. You may also have to pay more than the cost of a basic dental exam if there are x-rays and cleanings included. You may be able to save money if your insurance covers the dental exam. And can ask your insurance company about the coverage policy.

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