Do you know 80% of the dentists in North America are experts in general dentistry?

Well, it is not a surprise that general dentistry is so common…

General dentists are someone you’d naturally head towards even in minor dental complications.

So, what can you expect from a general dentist?

A general dentist provides basic preventative care and restorative care. You can expect a general dentist to perform some cosmetic treatments as well. What is even better than a general dentist can also assist you in overall dental health concerns. There are other physical health issues that also require consultation from a general dentist.

General Dentistry Treatments:

We are going to discuss some of the general dentistry services your dentist in Chula Vista can perform.

Dental Bonding:

Is dental bonding a cosmetic service? Kind of…it can be used to treat tooth decay (which is a restorative service). But, it also helps in hiding chipped or cracked tooth, and in getting rid of severe tooth discoloration. And, it also helps to fill the gaps in between teeth.

Had it not been for tooth decay, we could label dental bonding to be a cosmetic service. Dental bonding is performed with a paste-type plastic material that is applied to the tooth surface. The material is hardened by using UV light.

Dental Braces:

There is no doubt that dental braces are purely used for cosmetic purposes. They enhance your facial features and help you gain more confidence in life. However, a plus point of braces is that they can also help with bite problems…

A general dentist can help in teeth straightening, and solving overbite, and underbite problems.

Implant Restoration:

General dentists not only help in dental cleanings and consultation, but it can also help in dental health restoration. Both dental implants and bridges are great options if you have missing teeth or tooth decay. Dental implants are perfect for one missing or damaged tooth. Whereas, dentures are ideal for more than one missing tooth.

Dental crowns are a separate entity, but they are often used as a key component during implant restoration. Yup! You got it right, your general dentist can also help in fixing dental crowns and caps.

Gum Surgery:

When plaque builds up way too much and causes extreme inflammation, gum surgery becomes a necessity. There are two types of gum diseases, periodontitis, and gingivitis. To prevent these infections from further damaging the jaw bone and tissues, your general dentist performs surgery to get rid of them.

Regular dental checkups can help you deliberately avoid such problematic situations.

Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction is the most basic general dentistry treatment. Your dentist can perform two types of tooth extraction treatments; surgical and non-surgical. Surgical treatments are often performed during an implant restoration treatment, or when the plaque gets complete hold of your teeth and its surroundings. Non-surgical treatment is performed with little anesthesia dose and could be performed for various reasons.

Examination of Oral Cancer:

There are many different indications of an eruption of cancer cells in the facial areas. When you seek regular dental checkups, your dentist keeps a closer look at the tissues and cells. Your general dentist monitors your mouth, tongue, and face. Early diagnosis can help to prevent the further spread of cancer cells.

Get in touch with your general dentist in Chula Vista to get any of these treatments.